Solutions  Sema Diligence Report

Faster, more accurate, and repeatable technical diligence.

You wouldn’t complete a transaction without data for financials, security, or market share.

However, most organizations go into acquisitions without real data about the code they are taking on. We say no more surprises. Sema Diligence Report provides data so you understand risks and costs of software products and teams before you buy.

  • Make informed risk analysis of a new product acquisition
  • Plan for team strengths and weaknesses
  • Quantify the impact of code quality issues
  • Accurately estimate scope and cost of refactoring projects

Rapid insight into overall product and team quality.

No more surprises. You can finally understand risks and costs of software products and teams.

The Sema Diligence Report gives you a way to make informed risk analysis of new product acquisition and plan for team strengths and weaknesses. You finally have the ability to quantify the impact of code quality issues and accurately estimate the scope and cost of refactoring projects.

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