What We Believe

Software maintenance costs are holding your organization hostage.

Legacy and “spaghetti” code are nightmares for many businesses, taking time and resources away from higher value projects. Frustrated developers with no time for innovation are more likely to leave. But ignoring maintenance problems creates slow, buggy products that can’t be updated or extended. Organizations are trapped between the pressure to innovate and the need to keep investing in existing products.

There’s a better way.

We use machine learning to analyze code and make improvement recommendations, and in some cases, automated fixes.  In other words, we’re building code that fixes code.

Sema offers are a range of solutions that address some of the most challenging problems in software today, including refactoring, optimizing, and migrating code. We are always looking for the next big problem to tackle, so you can reduce risk, unleash the creativity of developers, and build the future.

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