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Sema Performance

Algorithm Performance Improvement

It’s tough to understand a program’s performance by simply reading its source code. Repeatedly tinkering with code and re-running a program is a time-consuming and frustrating way of understanding performance.

We automate this process using mutation analysis and runtime testing to explore a program’s performance characteristics. By repeatedly creating hundreds of alternative versions and picking the best for further mutation, we can create a new, optimized version of your program.

Sema Refactor

Developer-friendly Refactoring Recommender

Refactoring is time-consuming, painstaking, and uncertain work. Often, even senior developers don’t agree on the best approach. Sema’s Refactoring Recommender reduces developer time up to 70% and gives teams confidence in their approach.

Our analytic engine actually learns refactoring methods and objective values, and recommends optimal refactoring steps in a developer-friendly way, with user input, results comparison, and visualization.

Sema Migrator

Code Migration

Sometimes the best way to get out from under old code is to migrate to a new language. Similar to Refactor, Migrator provides developer-friendly recommendations on how to convert a code base from one language to the next.

Coming soon – Sema Modernizer

Coming soon

API Modernization

Old, outsourced, or hastily built APIs can be unstable and costly to maintain. However, the majority of SaaS businesses depend heavily on their APIs.  

Our automated tool evaluates the complexity of API code and creates new APIs, mapping the functionality to a common intermediary, and reproducing proper functionality in clean, modern code.

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